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lingua franca

Lingua Francs

Pidgins and creoles arise from basic need the people who speak different languages have to find a common system of communication .such commons system called lingua francs, lingua fracas a language which is use habitually by people mother tongues are different in order to facilitate communication between them, it survived into the twentieth century in other part of the world Arabic, mandarin, Hindi , and Swahili have saved or do serve, as lingua franca in the ancient world, neither was homogeneous entity. Not only were widely spoken differently in different places , English serves to day as a lingua franca in many parts of the world, for other second language, and for still others a foreign language,

However, in the last two categories abilities in language may vary widely from native- like to knowledge of only same bare rudiments. What many are actually using pidginize form, Zaire pidgin Swahili , in this respect those who that variety are not unlike many use English as lingua franca, they use local pidginize versions of English , not standard English.

In North American Chinook jargon was used extensively as lingua franca among native people of the northwest from British Colombia into Alaska ,

During second half of the nineteenth century. The sound system tended to vary according to native language of whoever spoke Chinook Jargon. The grammar, ostensible Chinook, was extremely so that it is really quite to say with conviction that it is more Chinook than anything else, there is interesting distributional relationship between Chinook Jargon and another lingual Franca used widely with native people, realize how important social factors have been their development, a particularly interesting lingua franca is plains sigh language used by aboriginal people in north American, try out in what way plains sing language may be distinguished from American, esparto and basic English have both been proposed for as use auxiliary language.

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Brian Barker mengatakan...

I think that the World needs an international lingua franca, as well. As a native English speaker, I would prefer Esperanto :)

Your readers may be interested in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2LPVcsL2k0 Dr Kvasnak teaches English at Florida Atlantic University.

A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at http://www.lernu.net

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