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roko dalam pandangan islam

After the Chairman of the National Fatwa Council (NFC) announced that practicing, Yoga is haram I wrote an article under the heading “Babi haram, Arak haram, Yoga haram…. Rokok ?” The article was apparently went around the world that reaches my friends in Australia and in the UK. There were some comments in the posting that appears to be out of line but I take it, as they are ignorant. There were some comments that indicate that smoking is Haram since 1994/5 in Malaysia. In trying to understand this matter further, I called up Jakim and visited the e-fatwa website, which is not as well known as chedet.com or Malaysia Today.

As it turns out that whatever statements the NFC released, it is not a Fatwa but “keputusan fatwa” (fatwa results) which is something that is released after the meetings or discussions (Muzakarah) among Islamic scholars. This essentially is not “Fatwa” but merely the conclusion of a discussion between scholars. An enforceable Fatwa is an edict that has been approved by state religious authorities, approved by the Head of State and gazetted under the state religious publication. I assume many readers would be confused between “Fatwa” and “Keputusan Fatwa”. Well not to worry as whoever comes out with the terminology obviously intended to confuse the masses. Up to today, I must say that I ashamed of my ignorance and the felt that I had been misled by NFC.

My discussions with some officers at Jakim and on the e-fatwa website, it was shocking to finds out that smoking is indeed Haram among Muslims. It is Haram in the state of Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Perlis and Sarawak. It is Haram and is as Haram as eating Babi! The NFC had trough its 37th Muzakarah had made a very quiet announcement that Smoking is Haram. There was no fun fare. There was no media blast. In fact, it appears the Yoga issue receives more public attention than the smoking but smoking is more prevalent in Malaysia. Even Malaysiakini made fun of the NFC by the today headlines “Fatwa on karate next?’”

In Malaysia, cigarette smoking is the number one cause of “suicide” in Malaysia. It does not make sense that cigarette smoking gets so little attention than Yoga from the religious perspective. It is a total irony when people perceive Yoga as a healthy exercise and not as a religious ritual and yet NFC announces it to be Haram but smoking which is harmful appears receives no attention by religious authorities. In Yoga, it is said to be spiritually harmful and it smoking it is physically harmful.

What is even worst is that cigarette smoking is not Haram in those states other the 5 that I had mention before. It appears that smoking can be OK in one state and not OK in another state. Hmmm.. so ironic! Can you imagine living in one country called Malaysia and we call our self a leading Islamic Nation but yet cannot streamline the implementation of Fatwa’s nationwide. Can you imagine that even in Terengganu and the Islamic State of Kelantan, smoking cigarette is not Haram. What is going on? It appears that the implementation of Fatwa is at the whims and fancies of each state religious authority. If the authority do not agree, it does not reach the sultan and as such it is not publish or gazetted. Has it got anything to do with the fact that the decision makers themselves are smokers?To me this is a joke.

As for the smokers, I know many out there are going to be angry with me for saying this aloud. If it can reach your thick skull that eating Babi is Haram, why is it you do not have the same perception when smoking. In fact I would like to say that “Hisap rokok sama macam makan Babi … ianya Haram” May be it would be a good point for MOH to consider in promoting people to stop smoking. Rather than putting gory medical pictures on cigarette packs, just put the picture of slaughtered “kepala Babi” and put a sentence that “merokok sama haramnya macam makan daging Babi”. I am sure once the public gets this message loud and clear; the people who smoke will feel the peer pressure and will consider stop smoking.

The only option they have is to cross the border and go to smoke in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Wilayah, Sabah, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan… there it is not Haram! So, the next time you want to light a cigarette make sure you are standing in the right state in Malaysia

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