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Why smoking is dangerous?

Smoking is a major health problem for the development of adolescents. Millions of people died because of smoking each year. This is associated with cancer, respiratory problems, stroke and many other health problems. In addition, smoking also causes a variety of disability, pain and suffering due to diseases caused cigarette. Particles smaller than a cigarette (very small even need more than a light microscope to view it) can get away from our natural defense of "beater brush" (hair / Cilia) in the throat and we continue into our lungs, where where inflammation can occur.

What are the contents of cigarettes, and what the health effects?
Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, including about 60 of which can cause cancer! Chemicals found in cigarettes that provide primary health effects include nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar.

Nicotine is adiktif material from the cigarette. Nicotine very quickly to be merged in the flow of blood in 30 seconds and can go into the body and reaches the brain. This causes the brain release chemicals that evoke a specific feeling and passion rileks. One of these is epinephrine. May think this to be the main reason why many people especially young people become smokers.

But surely it is only fun because shortly after the half hour a feeling this will be lost and the remaining is the depression and fatigue. This will likely cause smokers to smoke again. Cycle stimulation and depression that occur repeatedly on this point that the occurrence of adiksi or addiction. Due to the growth of the body's tolerance to nicotine, smokers will gradually increase the frequency of smoking in order to get the same feeling.

In addition to nicotine, cigarettes also have other substances such as carbon monoxide CO is often called. Gas is a substance the same people who used suicide car with the engine in a closed garage. In a small quantity such as the amount obtainable from the smoker is smoking, exposure to carbon monoxide increase the risk of developing heart disease. Other substances are also harmful tar is associated with various types of cancer as well as damage from tuberculosis.
When someone decides to stop smoking, feeling "hungry" to nicotine causes the symptoms to drop out of cigarettes, among other emotions, the desire angry, activities that tend to be aggressive and the emergence of negative thoughts.

Are people who do not smoke are exposed to risk side effects of cigarettes?

YES! When someone smokes, this does not only affect smokers, but will also give negative effect to people exposed to cigarette smoke, which is often referred to as passive smokers (second hand smoker). Ironically even the people close to the exposure and cigarette smoke have a stronger tendency to develop diseases related to smoking.
"Some sources said that during one hour exposure to the smoker with the smoking four cigarettes yourself"
*** So smoking is the same as the person next to make our joy as we tumbal up ***

Disease or complications are frequently associated with smoking?

Some of the diseases associated with smoking include cancer (cancer tuberculosis, and oral cancer). Cigarettes are also associated with the incidence of cancer other cancers such as pancreas, kidney, bladder and serviks), various lung diseases and channels of breath, heart disease and blood vessel, alimentary tract diseases, and health affect both men and women.

Perhaps not many of us who know that cigarettes increase the risk and make a variety of diseases that have been previously owned and does not close the possibility of the occurrence of complications that occur.

Some cases showed inflammation in the channel so that the effect of breath and going obstruksi partial snore. Snore due to the narrow road for air to flow.

Snore voice is actually the turbulence in the air movement caused by the partial barrier, not a smooth flow of air. And this risk occurs in chronic smokers. Gen. obstruksi / breath sumbatan road also has a relationship with the likelihood of Sudden infant Death (sudden infant death), especially the often exposed to cigarette consumed her parents.

What can we stop smoking?

Of CAN! However, this is not easy! This requires determination and a strong willingness of committed themselves to stop smoking. Currently, there are already many programs that can be followed to stop smoking one of them is to use plaster nicotine. When smokers decide to quit smoking, the body will start the repair mechanisms and improve themselves some damage caused by cigarettes. One of the main return is a function of the heart increased by around 30%. And when we stop smoking for a year, the risk of the emergence of heart problem that arises is that half of them still continue smoking.
So, why do not we take the wise decision this?

Then how should we act?

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