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middle test of literrary

The Middle Test of Literary Appreciation
Name : maksum
NIM : D35206015
Class : B

The Answer :
1. The man travels with eagerness, spurring the animal with fervor, blindly chasing his goal. And it’s like a hero. He waves an impatient sword and exclaims the justification to save the lady that he loves.
The knight attacks the enemies and leaves his horse alone. After defeating the enemies, the good golden banner of the hero waves at the castle wall which is near the place.
He lays the horse bleeding and blowing.
Finally, the dead blood covered horse contrasting the waving banner of the hero. The knight doesn’t care for his horse which already helped him in attacking enemies.

2. “ to save my lady” means the knight attacks enemies to save his lady and the lady is girl whom knight loves. She is a princess there.

3. The poem is telling us about someone having braveness and being hero in attacking enemies by riding horse. And he also saves the lady whom he loves as princess. But in the end of story, he doesn’t seem to care for his horse after attacking enemies until the horse died.

4. I think the writer feels that everyone has achievements. And it is needed sacrifices to conquer it.
Why the writer wrote it? It is because he wants to describe how challenging our life. He shows the reader how pursuit of the one goal can be destructive and how someone doesn’t realize the price which has been paid

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